We are and have been the top international Gambit/Gambit Prime clan for Destiny 2 on PC. We have had the same leadership since Gambit Prime was launched in Season of the Drifter. We have a cousin clan (Team NAGA) for Korean (한국어) speakers (갬빗의, 갬빗을 위한, 갬빗에 의한 팀이자 클랜입니다.)

Answer to the most common question: yes, we do everything else in the game too and we do it well while supporting our members in a mature, cooperative, non-toxic environment. We Day 1 Raid, play comp to legend, do the Flawless, Conqueror and Seasonal titles every season, max out triumph scores, stack in Iron Banner and routinely and purposefully rack up 50k+ crucible kills on a given weapon. We also have some real data nerds. And our invaders do not need to use heavy, go ahead and take that brick from the wall.

Gambito Crime Family meeting
A typical pre-game meeting of the family. Art by Noizey.

Our Community

We also run a fully-boosted discord community at discord.gg/gambit (backup) with most of the top US, Canadian, European, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Southeast Asian players. This community is for all players regardless of clan affiliation, and the discord is the home for both [MOTE] and [NAGA].

We are open and welcoming to new members. We’re an international and diverse group of people: hate speech of any kind and all the -isms are not tolerated [RULE 1]. We also generally frown on elitism and all the general components of a toxic gaming environment.

Our style for game play

We are consistent around roles, pathing and positioning through-out a match and have guides for different maps.

Flow example map.

We do play fast-paced, aggressive games.

Typical Gambit Match

We are well known for our spawn killing abilities.

Typical Spawn Killing of an ineffective invader.

We enjoy fun aspects of the various maps.

Did you know you could telesto this portal to instantly kill the invader?

Our activities

As a clan, we do grind out Elo ratings and tend to stack as teams; however, we commonly two stack from MOTE with two other players that are interested in learning the game mode.

As a community, we do in-game matchmaking across clans, organize tournaments and league play, and do organized scrims.

As a service to those interested in the game mode, we often also help with triumphs, completing seals and weapon farming.

Our Video Guides

Every season, we test many possible solo and team builds with the criteria that you should be able to rapidly solo a private Gambit match and maximize the number of NPCs killed in the time cap. For Destiny 2’s Beyond Light, we tested over 20+ builds for solo and team play and they are publicly available on our clan’s YouTube where the minority of ideas make it through the process.

  1. Beyond Light Gambit Builds
  2. Beyond Light Gambit: Game Flow and Cooperative Team Play
  3. Beyond Light Gambit: Tips and Tricks

Our Clan

The “Gambito Crime Family [MOTE]” is a Destiny 2 cross-platform (mainly PC and Xbox) clan whose favorite pastime activity is stomping in Gambit and Gambit Prime (we’ll miss you Prime).

We stream game play from various members on Twitch and post on YouTube.

Member status and team openings are for Reckoners, Dredgens and Top 500 Elo players non-assholes (the top 500 thing will happen when you play with us). Beginners (no gambit titles) slots are available but not guaranteed when we’re full of members, and everyone will have to meet the Requirements and Expectations below. A cooperative, high level of team play is expected and win trading in a competitive playlist where there’s in-game benefits (title/loot) is not allowed [RULE 2] (i.e. a “gambit” clan will still ban you for cheesing Unbroken or Flawless).

We play to win in every aspect of the game, and the thing that unifies us as a family is the complete and utter lack and tolerance of the scrub mentality while still being humble, supportive and cooperative in our teams. [To paraphrase Sirlin], if you are a player who blames other players for violating rules in your head even though it doesn’t violate any actual games rules and you do not take personal responsibility for your gaming, then this is not the place for you.

Our most competitive teams use builds that can require previous and current seasonal mods (members tend to have a complete set of Combat Style armor mods), seasonal exotics, raid exotics and competitive weapons from trials and crucible. It is very normal to clan members to have masterworked exotics in every element on multiple characters. You will be asked to run specific load-outs to rotate into those matches.

Requirements and Expectations:

  1. Proper mindset and reputation: we will look at everything. You will not be accepted into the clan if you have a VAC ban (for any reason and over any time) on your steam profile, if you have anything unseemly on your profile and game-associated social media in any part.
  2. You will know you’re ready when: Everyone should comfortable completing a solo flawless run of a private gambit match including killing the primeval and do it without a significant time difference from a full stack. Here are examples: Beyond Light Killector, Season of Chosen Killector.
  3. Pre-screen #1: For “reaping mains” you should be able to solo flawless a full-length private match (you simply kill combatants until you are kicked to orbit without banking motes) and get 308+ combatant kills on Deep 6 with Hive, 400+ combatant kills on Emerald Coast with Hive or 400+ combatant kills on New Arcadia with Vex. These are the only three map and combatant combinations that are accepted in the pre-screen video. You must also be consistent in your abilities, movement and flow so we ask that you do not use seasonal mods that are in the 4th or 5th columns and show all weapons and armor in the first part of your video.
  4. Pre-screen #2: For “invading mains”, you should be comfortable successfully doing Army of Ones with Sniper/Shotgun/HC/Scout/Pulse (we tend to not rely on heavy and you’ll find that many of our invaders do not use rocket launchers/xenophage/typical meta described in big lfg servers). You may be asked to submit video evidence of both, we particularly like to see examples of Army of Ones using primary weapons. Invader mains that advance to the selection process are particularly vetted for temperament, communication styles and timing. It is possible to have your application declined despite a high level of in-game skill.
  5. Selection Process: everyone must play in normal game play with a 3-stack from a select group of members and may be required to scrim with them against a clan 4-stack.
  6. NOTE: You can also submit a video of your “Platinum Dredgen” Triumphs, of which, there are two. [1] Win a match against a blatant cheater (e.g. fully auto xeno, unlimited golden guns), and [2] Win against DDOS’ers where at least 2 (ideally 3) of your team mates were knocked out and you had to solo win a game.

Clan members also have access to play guides, team builds, map flows, invader secrets and how to have a two minute game in a clan-only section of our discord.

Process for joining the clan:

  1.  Join our discord.
  2. This is our Bungie clan page.
  3.  Introduce yourself in #general and follow the process in the welcome DM.
  4.  #lfg in the community and play some games with members
  5.  Send Rathos your braytech.org page (an example)
  6. You will submit two videos. The first is the solo flawless match where you bank motes and kill the primeval (#2 above in Requirements and Expectations ). The second video is either a reaping video (#3 above in Requirements and Expectations ) or an invading video (#4 above in Requirements and Expectations ).
  7. Send Rathos your Bungie Profile page (an example).
  8.  You’ll then go through a vetting process with The Commission. They will reach out and schedule game play with you.
  9.  The clan is invite-only so on acceptance will get an invite from the team.