The Gambito Crime Family [MOTE]

We are the top international Gambit/Gambit Prime clan for Destiny 2 on PC.

Our Community

We also run a discord community with most of the top US, Canadian, European, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Southeast Asian players. This community is for all high level, competitive gambit prime and gambit players regardless of clan affiliation.

We are open and welcoming to new members. We’re an international and diverse group of people: hate speech of any kind and all the -isms are not tolerated [RULE 1]. We also generally frown on elitism and all the general components of a toxic gaming environment.

Our activities

As a clan, we do grind out final Elo ratings in the last three weeks of the season and tend to stack as team.

As a community, we do in-game matchmaking across clans, organize tournaments and league play, and do organize scrims.

As a service to those interested in the game mode, we often also help with reckoning runs, triumphs, completing the seals and weapon farming.

Our Clan

The “Gambito Crime Family [MOTE]” is a Destiny 2 PC-only clan whose favorite pastime activity is stomping in Gambit Prime (we’ll miss you Prime) and Gambit.

Members tend to be accomplished in and play all game modes: prime is what we grind together. We believe that Gambit is a challenging PvE speed run where Guardians can show up, kill you while “raiding” and makes for the fastest paced, engaging game experience in Destiny 2.

We stream game play from various members on Twitch and post on YouTube.

Member status and team openings are for Reckoners and Top 500 Elo players. Beginners slots are available but not guaranteed when we’re full of members. A cooperative, high level of team play is expected and win trading in a competitive playlist where there’s in-game benefits (title/loot) is not allowed [RULE 2].

Process for joining the clan:

  1.  Join our discord.
  2.  Introduce yourself in #general and let moderators know your typical roles (invader, reaper, collector)
  3.  #lfg in the community and play some games with members
  4.  Send one of the admins your page (an example).
  5.  Let the admin know your in-game name.
  6.  Apply via our Bungie clan page
  7.  Get approved.

Our Game Play

This is a compilation of spawn kills, defending and Army of Ones.

Desired pacing in our matches against four stacks.

Two game examples with our clan and Spawn Kill (the top Korean gambit clan)