We are and have been the top international Gambit/Gambit Prime clan for Destiny 2 on PC. We have had the same leadership since Gambit Prime was launched in Season of the Drifter. We support Korean (한국어) speakers to join [MOTE] (클랜에 대하여).

We have multiple divisions: Gambito’s Wolfpack is our Crucible Division, Defy the Drifter is our PvE Division and God Save the Queen(bungie clan page).

Answer to the most common question: yes, we do everything else in the game too and we do it well while supporting our members in a mature, cooperative, non-toxic environment. We Day 1 Raid, play comp to legend, do the Flawless, Conqueror and Seasonal titles every season, max out triumph scores, stack in Iron Banner and routinely and purposefully rack up 50k+ crucible kills on a given weapon. And our invaders do not need to use heavy, go ahead and take that brick from the wall.

Gambito Crime Family meeting
A typical pre-game meeting of the family. Art by Noizey.

Our Community

We also run a fully-boosted discord community at discord.gg/gambit (backup) with most of the top US, Canadian, European, Korean, Scottish, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Southeast Asian players. This community is for all players regardless of clan affiliation.

We are open and welcoming to new members. We’re an international and diverse group of people: hate speech of any kind and all the -isms are not tolerated [RULE 1]. We also generally frown on elitism and all the general components of a toxic gaming environment.

Our style for game play

We are consistent around roles, pathing and positioning through-out a match and have guides for different maps.

Flow example map.

We do play fast-paced, aggressive games.

We are well known for our spawn killing abilities.

Typical Spawn Killing of an ineffective invader.

We enjoy fun aspects of the various maps.

Did you know you could telesto this portal to instantly kill the invader?

Our activities

As a clan, we do grind out Elo ratings and tend to stack as teams; however, we commonly two stack from MOTE with two other players that are interested in learning the game mode.

As a community, we do in-game matchmaking across clans, organize tournaments and league play, and do organized scrims.

As a service to those interested in the game mode, we often also help with triumphs, completing seals and weapon farming.

Our Video Guides

Every season, we test many possible solo and team builds with the criteria that you should be able to rapidly solo a private Gambit match and maximize the number of NPCs killed in the time cap. For Destiny 2’s Beyond Light, we tested over 20+ builds for solo and team play and they are publicly available on our clan’s YouTube where the minority of ideas make it through the process.

  1. Beyond Light Gambit Builds
  2. Beyond Light Gambit: Game Flow and Cooperative Team Play
  3. Beyond Light Gambit: Tips and Tricks