[MOTE] Clan Preferred Destiny 2 Gambit Team Builds

Warmind Builds

These builds have added Warmind Cells, these mods came into the game at a later point than the Charge with Lights mods so these builds will last more seasons (update: sunsetting is sunset).

Warmind Cells are great as long as everyone on the team can generate Warmind Cells when they destroy them and maximizing the damage and its range upon explosion. Warmind Cells last for 20 seconds, you can infinitely hold them (throwing a cell is your ADS button) and while holding them you can perform everything in the game except your super and the Power of Rasputin buff does not transmit through a titan bubble.

These builds have the benefit in the Invader can help reap from range while posted for anti-invade and the Killector can simply shotgun Warmind Cells while collecting or hit them with Jötunn from range (usually the bank).

Warmind Fire and Ice

The Warmind Fire and Ice Team build.

There are four roles in this team: the High-Energy Invader, the Heavy-Handed Ice Reaper, the Warmind Fire Reaper and the Killector.

The Killector’s job is to collect motes, pop Warmind Cells, clear the bank and kill the primeval. This role is restricted to a Titan Sentinel subclass and a sword. The build is strong enough that they can solo reap a wave and solo kill a primeval within one invade timer.

Let’s start with a demo of a Killector running a legendary sword with the team suggested Power of Rasputin and Warmind’s Protection.

The Heavy-Handed Ice Reaper is a Warlock wearing Nezarec’s Sin, maining Telesto and with the Shadebinder subclass. The combination of a Warlock stasis for crowd control and warmind cells is very powerful. This particular Warlock build is strong enough that killing a wave will grant their super for the next.

Heavy-handed Ice Reaper with a slug shotgun, Telesto and Falling Guillotine.

The Warmind Fire Reaper has six class and subclass variations where there are exotic armor and weapons that add to the overall team build and to the individual’s capabilities (for example, St0mp-EE5 does nothing for a team):

  1. The Transversive Grace Warlock
  2. The Burning Skybracer Warlock
  3. The Phoenix Grace Warlock
  4. The Ashen Maul Titan
  5. The Phoenix Breaker Titan
  6. The Starfire Protocol Warlock
  7. The Severanced Maul Titan [Tested. There wasn’t a single instant of an explosive hammer generating a warmind well in 15 minutes of solo reaping and only one example of a finisher on a major. Neutral at best and not currently recommended.]
  8. The Ophidian Hunter running Way of the Outlaw’s Proximity Explosive Knife.  [Tested. No synergy.]
  9. The Bombardier Hunter just constantly dodging, might even want to be smoke bomb invisible. [Tested. Terrible. The range of the little bomb is small and does very little damage.]
  10. The Khepri’s Horn Titan with maximum resilience. [Tested. Terrible]

The High-Energy Invader isn’t restricted to class or subclass and we ask that they use a weapon capable of generating warming cells while being able to shoot any Warmind cells from range while posted in a defensive position against an invader.

Warmind Fire

This team is simply a variation were there are two Warmind Fire Reapers with different weapon choices.

The Warmind Fire Team build.

Warmind Dark Ice

This team build is specific and contains every global debuff, global buff, and stackable buffs from armor mods, weapon perks, gear perks while maximizing the presence of high dps weapons.

The Warmind Dark Ice Team build.

Every team member is capable of generating Warmind Cells, can safely and maximally detonate them, and both reapers can carry Warmind Cells to new locations.

The Global Buff for primeval DPS is Weapons of Light from the Titan’s Ward of Dawn (35%) and the Global Debuff is Tether Debuff Anchor (30%) from the Hunter’s top tree Nightstalker subclass.

Power of Rasputin is a 10% buff on top. Taken Spec is another 10% buff and still works in Gambit (confirmed).

Disruption break on the SMG is a 50% buff to Whitherhoard damage.

Rotation and usage example for a Disruption Break energy weapon and whitherhoard.

The Warlock has an effectively constant 25% Global Buff from Whisper of Hedrons (shows as “Damage Boost” and an up to 100% buff when destroying frozen targets near them with Whisper of Fissures.

Then there is the Arc Shockwave from Vesper of Radius as a damage source.

Vesper Disrupted Warlock build

And the alternative Necrotic Grip also has Grasp of the Devourer which does a poison damage over time and it’s modifier can stack up to ten times for a 390% increase from initial.

Fully stacked on primeval, it takes two sword wielders less than 9 seconds to kill the Primeval.

Aeon Warmind Dark Ice

Here is our recommendation for a Season of the Chosen Aeon Warmind Team build. As in all the team builds this one has every available and stackable buff and debuff in the game. This is an effective, consistent, hard-to-kill team. For the primeval kill, you want the primeval in chains of duskfield grenades, half in the bubble, the well in the bubble and when you load them up with anarchy, grenades, double witherhoard and start swording/slug shotgunning the primeval, it disappears in a time frame where you are safe.

Aeon Warmind Team Build