[MOTE] Public Destiny 2 Gambit Team Builds

Team Builds

We have five team designs that we use in our “sweaty” stacks. Team Warmind with three variations: Warmind Dark Ice, Warmind Fire and Ice and Warmind Fire. And then two more that I call Radiant Prime and Radiant Friends. I’d say that the degree of structure, effectiveness and requirements go in that order, in other words, Radiant Friends has more choice in subclasses and weapons than Warmind Fire and Ice and Warmind Dark Ice is entirely prescriptive. For each, we have an infographic and links to each role, class and subclass.

We will start with the most accessible: Radiant Friends.

Radiant Friends

This team goes completely open in the class, subclass and weapon choice, it’s simply making sure that everyone is helping everyone stay Charged with Light and at least having a 20% buff in High-Energy Fire. These mods are common and frequently drop, even on new accounts with <100 hours played.

Radiant Prime

The Radiant Prime team is the closest we have to a simple recreation of a typical Gambit Prime load-out.

Individual players can exchange the Stacks on Stacks mod with either Supercharged, Extra Reserves, High-energy Fire or Lucent Blade.

The Killector’s job is to collect motes, clear the bank and kill the primeval. This role is restricted to a Titan Sentinel subclass and a sword. The build is strong enough that they can solo reap a wave and solo kill a primeval within one invade timer.

Let’s start with a demo of a Killector running a legendary sword with Abyssal Charge and Striking Light. Note in the example video below, it takes 22 seconds for such a titan to solo kill the primeval with a legendary sword and the primeval sitting in a grenade.

Killector with a lightweight shotgun, Jötunn and Falling Guillotine.

The Heavy-Handed Ice Reaper is a Warlock wearing Nezarec’s Sin, maining Telesto and with the Shadebinder subclass. The combination of a Warlock stasis for crowd control and warmind cells is very powerful. This particular Warlock build is strong enough that killing a wave will grant their super for the next.

Heavy-handed Ice Reaper with a slug shotgun, Telesto and Falling Guillotine.